Topics: Mongol Empire, Genghis Khan, Central Asia Pages: 2 (472 words) Published: March 20, 2013

* Destruction under the Mongol Empire quantifies death toll and infrastructure damage ensuing from the 13th century Mongol conquests. Historians regard the Mongol raids and invasions as some of the deadliest conflicts in human history up through that period. * The Mongols brought terror to Europe on a scale not seen again until the twentieth century. The Mongol invasions induced population displacement on a scale never seen before, particularly in Central Asia and Eastern Europe. * The Mongol Tax Laws serve as an example of the ruthlessness: submission to their will, or annihilation. * Even though Chinggis was religiously tolerant, he would destroy native places of worship if met with the slightest resistance. * Mongol campaigns in Northern China, Central Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East caused extensive destruction. * Herat, Kiev, Baghdad, Nishapur, Vladimir and Samarkand suffered serious devastation by the Mongol armies. For example, there is a noticeable lack of Chinese literature from the Jin Dynasty, predating the Mongol conquest, and in the Battle of Baghdad libraries, books, literature, and hospitals were burned: some of the books were thrown into the river. The partially Mongol-descended Mamelukes are reported also to have used manuscripts as boot repair material, in reflection of the notions of free natural education and even more the totally natural, simple life as of the Huns. * The Mongols' natural, popular and martial purpose destruction of the irrigation systems of Iran and Iraq turned back centuries of effort to improving agriculture and water supply in these regions. The loss of available food as a result may have led to the death of more people from starvation in this area than actual battle did. The Islamic civilization of the Gulf region was not to recover until after the Middle Ages. In fact the Ottoman Empire exacted high taxes, was very traditional, and very strict in punishment, for...
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