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The Mohanty family has operated a dairy farm for over 50 years. Dhirendra Mohanty, age 48, took over the dairy from his father 20 years ago. The dairy is average-sized for the area. The Mohantys milk 60 cows, grow most of their own forage and grain, and raise their own heifers. The family earns about INR 60000 per month from the farm business each year. The dairy is located in a rural area, but urban and suburban areas are close by. The nearest city has a population of 100,000. Sapna Mohanty, 42, is Dhirendra’s wife. They have three children: Lisa, Arman, and Trisha. Sapna used to work on the farm, but for the last 8 years she has been working full-time as a clerk in the district office. Take-home pay from this job is INR 20000 per month, plus health, and other benefits that extend to the whole family.

At this point, Sapna oversees the finances with Dhirendra, occasionally milks, and manages the household. Lisa Mohanty, 21, has just received her bachelor’s degree in Agriculture from OUAT. During the holidays, Lisa works full-time on the farm with the milking. She is considering farming as an occupation, but would like to continue her work in value-added food production. Arman Mohanty, 16, is in high school and works with his father part-time during the school year, and full-time during the holidays. He is not interested in the dairy or in any type of farming and would rather study medical science, or engineering.

Trisha Mohanty, 12, is a middle school student who really enjoys the farm. She takes care of the calves after school, and has just begun to show an interest in helping with the crops, although she is too young to do farming.

Alternative ventures
The Mohantys are considering an alternative farm enterprise because they need additional income to send their younger children to college and to save for retirement. Dhirendra and Sapna feel strongly that they would like Lisa or Trisha to take over the farm. Lisa currently has no plans for marriage. The...
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