Module Six & Final Exam

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Module Six Chapter Assessments and Final Exam

Chapter Eighteen – Control Processes and Systems

Multiple Choice Questions – Value = 2 (two) points each question – Total Questions - 15

1.After objectives and standards are set, what step comes next in the control process? _________ (a) measure results

2.When a soccer coach tells her players at the end of a losing game: “You really played well and stayed with the game plan,” she is using a/an _________ as a measure of performance. (b) output standard

3.When an automobile manufacturer is careful to purchase only the highest-quality components for use in production, this is an example of an attempt to ensure high performance through _________ control. (d) feedforward

4.Management by exception means _________.
(b) focusing attention where the need for action is greatest

5.When a supervisor working alongside an employee corrects him or her when a mistake is made, this is an example of _________ control. (b) concurrent

6.If an organization’s top management visits a firm in another industry to learn more about its excellent record in hiring and promoting minority and female candidates, this is an example of using _________ for control purposes. (b) relative comparison

7.The control equation states: _________ = Desired Performance – Actual Performance. (d) Need for Action

8.When a UPS manager compares the amount of time a driver takes to accomplish certain deliveries against a standard set through scientific analysis of her delivery route, this is known as _________. (b) an engineering comparison

9.Projects are unique one-time events that _________.
(b) must be completed by a specific time

10.The _________ chart graphically displays the scheduling of tasks required to complete a project. (c) Gantt

11.In CPM/PERT, “CPM” stands for _________.
(a) critical path method

12.In a CPM/PERT analysis the focus is on _________ and the event _________ that link them together with the finished project. (b) activities, sequences
13.A manager following the “hot stove rules” of progressive discipline would _________. (c) focus the reprimand on actions, not personality

14.Among the financial ratios used for control. Current Assets/Current Liabilities is known as the _________. (c) current ratio

15.In respect to return on assets (ROA) and the debt ratio, the preferred directions when analyzing them from a control standpoint are _________. (c) increase ROA, decrease debt

Discussion Questions – (Written narrative required) – Value – 10 points each

16.List the four steps in the controlling process and give examples of each. 1)establish standards and objectives 2) measure actual performance 3) compare actual performance with standards and objectives. 4) take the necessary action.

17.How might feedforward control be used by the owner/manager of a local bookstore? In the manager hiring employees and training them to work up to the bookstore expectation.

18.How does Douglas McGregor’s Theory Y relate to the concept of internal control? He believes that people can be trusted to exercise self control. People take personal responsibility for what happens.

19.How does a progressive discipline system work? Adjusting the discipline to fit the severity of the problem/misbehavior. Ex. You may have a no phone at work policy. The first time you see a workers phone you warn him/her verbally. The next time may be a write up. The third time may be a day home without pay or termination.

Optional Discussion Question – Value 25 points
Written narrative response required.

20.Assume that you are given the job of project manager for building a new student center on your campus. List just five...
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