Module 1 Study Guide

Topics: Meaning of life, Sentence, God Pages: 4 (1157 words) Published: October 10, 2012
Module 1 Study Guide
Chapter 2
• Know the five basic steps of the interpretive journey. Grasping the text in their town/ Measure the width of the river to cross/ Cross the principlizing bridge/ Consult the biblical map/ Grasping the text in our town. • Know the order of these five basic steps.  Why is order important in following the interpretive journey? We will know what the text meant to the original audience/ know the difference between the biblical audience and us/ know the theological principle of the text/ find out if our theological principle fit the rest of the bible/ how individuals Christians today live out the theological principles. • What is a theological principle?  Does it apply only to modern readers, or did theological principles apply to the original recipients of Scripture as well? Theological principles address the meaning of the text. Theological principles apply to both modern and original readers of Scripture. The task is to discover the meaning of the text. • What are some of the barriers that constitute the "river" distancing readers of the Bible from an accurate understanding of the meaning of the text? How WIDE the passage is, how SIGNIFIGANT the passage is (between them and us today), and also understand how the SITUATION may have created a barrier. • Are theological principles always culturally bound, or can they transcend culture? Some principles are culturally bound and only apply to certain times, but some can transcend culture (obey God, seeking to know and understand Him, etc.) • What differences exist between modern readers and the biblical audience?  How does this affect how we determine the meaning of the text? Some of the differences include Culture, Time, Language, Situation, and often Covenant. These differences form a river that hinder us from moving straight from menaing in their context to meaning in ours. Chapter 3

• Know that at the level of observation, we are not yet determining the...
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