Module 1: Financial Accounting & Accounting Standards

Topics: Financial statements, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Balance sheet Pages: 3 (644 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Student Name: Jay Patadia Course Instructor Name: Jacquelyn Moffitt, PhD Course Name: ACCT 3001 v1.0 (Section 3)

Module 1: Financial Accounting & Accounting Standards

1. Differentiate broadly between financial accounting and managerial accounting. -Financial accounting measures, classifies, and summarizes in report from those activities and that information which relate to the enterprise as a whole for use by parties both internal and external to a business enterprise. Managerial accounting also measures, classifies, and summarizes in report form enterprise activities, but the communication is for the use of internal, managerial parties, and relates more to subsystems of the entity. Managerial accounting is management decision oriented and directed more toward product line, division, and profit center reporting.

2. Differentiate between “financial statements” and “financial reporting.” -Financial statements generally refer to the four basic financial statements: balance sheet, income statement, statement of cash flows, and statement of changes in owners’ or stockholders’ equity. Financial reporting is a broader concept; it includes the basic financial statements and any other means of communicating financial and economic data to interested external parties. Examples of financial reporting other than financial reports are annual reports, prospectuses, reports filed with the government, news releases, management forecasts or plans, and descriptions of an enterprise’s social or environmental impact.

5. What are the major objectives of financial reporting?
-In general, the objectives of financial reporting are to provide (1) information that is useful in investment and credit decisions, (2) information that is useful in assessing cash flow prospects, and (3) information about enterprise resources, claims to those resources, and changes in them.

More specifically these objectives state that financial reporting should provide information: a. that...
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