Modern Genocide

Topics: Sudan, Omar al-Bashir, Genocide Pages: 2 (429 words) Published: March 20, 2013
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Source One Summary: The conflict began in 2003 when rebels decided they didn’t like the government. The government responded brutally, with government troops invading civilian towns, killing men and raping women. The resulting violence caused as many as 300,000 people dying (Though the president, Omar Al-Bashir, places the death toll at only 10,000), and another 1.9 million in displacement camps or fleeing to Chad. President Bashir was charged by the ICC with war crimes in March 2009.

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Source Two Summary: Black Africans living in Sudan had been seeing efforts to oppress them by Arabs since 1956. In fact, mass Islamization was ordered by the government as soon as they gained independence. That being said, the mostly Christian and traditionalist black natives did not appreciate being forced to practice Islam, and, as most religious conflicts tend to pan out, lots of people died and much unnecessary suffering was had.

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Source Three Summary: The conflict in Darfur started over tensions between the blacks and the Arabs, with blacks revolting against Arabs they claimed were discriminating. The Justice and Equality Movement (Jem) began killing government figures in 2003, and that ultimately led to violence due to government attempts at suppression clashing with the Jem. It eventually scaled into mass genocide and violence, resulting in many refugees to Chad and displacement camps.

The Darfur conflict began when black Africans decided to change the religious persecution they had been forced to endure since 1956. The government had been forcing the primarily Christian and...
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