Mktg 2202 Midterm Review

Topics: Marketing, Advertising, Target market Pages: 4 (495 words) Published: March 22, 2013
Chp 1
* The promotional mix
* Advertising
* Sales Promotion
* Public Relations
* Direct Marketing
* internet marketing
* personal selling
Chp 3
* Consumer Decision Making
Decision Stage| Psychological Process|
Need Recognition| Motivation|
Information Search| Perception|
Alternative Evaluation| Attitude Formation|
Purchase Decision| Integration|
Postpurchase Evaluation| Learning|
* Target Market and Target Audience
* Target Market
* The group of consumers toward which an overall marketing program is directed. * Target Audience
* A group of consumers within the target market for which the advertising campaign is directed. * Target audience options: rossiter and percy perspective * Brand loyal customers regularly buy the firm’s product * Favourable brand switchers buy focal brand but also buy others * Non-customers

* New catergory users customers not purchasing within a product category * Other brand switchers not consistently purchasing focal brand * Other brand loyals loyal to another brand

* The communications processFeedback
Channel Message
Channel Message

1. Traditional Models
a. Aida
b. Hierarchy of effects
c. Innovation adoption model
d. Information processing model
2. Response process models
e. Standard learning model > learn/feel/do
f. Dissonance/attribution model >do/ feel/learn
g. Low involvement model>learn/ do/ feel
3. Cognitive reponse models
h. Cognitive response approach-message/source/ad
i. Elaboration likelihood model-central/peripheral

Chp 5

* Dagmar Definition of Objectives
* Target Audience
* Benchmark and Degree of Change Sought
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