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MKT 317 QUANTITATIVE BUSINESS RESEARCH METHODS Fall, 2011 PROFESSOR: Dr. Page OFFICE HOURS: 2:30 – 4:30 Tuesday and Thursday, and by appointment OFFICE LOCATION: N332 North Business Complex PHONE: 432-6419 E-MAIL: TEXT: Complete Business Statistics, Seventh Edition, Aczel & Sounderpandian COURSE WEBPAGE: TEACHING ASSISTANTS: See the course webpage for teaching assistant office hours and contact information READ THE SYLLABUS COMPLETELY. YOU CAN EXPECT AT LEAST ONE QUESTION ON ITS CONTENT SOMETIME DURING THE TERM. COURSE DESCRIPTION This course focuses on the application of statistical techniques to real world business problems. Topics covered include applications of difference of means tests, analysis of variance, regression and correlation, selected non-parametric tests, and forecasting. COURSE OBJECTIVES 1. To develop an understanding of the value and importance of applying statistical procedures to business decisions. 2. To develop the ability to recognize the appropriate statistical procedure for various decision making situations. 3. To develop skill in using statistical methods in practical business situations. METHOD OF INSTRUCTION There will be two lectures held each week. The lectures are designed to introduce and clarify the statistical topics to be covered in the course, and to relate those topics to business applications. The lectures will be primarily based on examples of the various statistical techniques. COURSE PREREQUISITES It is assumed that all students have completed Statistics 315 (or equivalent), and understood the concepts presented in that course. If such is not the case, then you must take Statistics 315 BEFORE taking this course. It is strongly recommended that students review the material from STT 315 as many of those concepts will be used in this course. EXAMS There will be three midterm exams and one final exam. Due to the nature of the material, all exams, including the final, are cumulative. They may cover any material previously covered in the course. Exam dates are listed on the schedule at the end of this syllabus and on the webpage. Midterms will normally consist of 25 questions and the final will consist of 30 questions. A PICTURE I.D. WILL BE REQUIRED TO TAKE ALL EXAMS. TESTS WILL NOT BE GRADED WITHOUT A VALID PICTURE ID WITH YOUR PICTURE ON IT. MAKE-UP EXAMS, IF NEEDED, WILL BE GIVEN AFTER THE REGULARLY

SCHEDULED EXAM TIME. NO EXCEPTIONS. THIS INCLUDES THE FINAL EXAM, SO PLAN ACCORDINGLY. Any make-up exam must be completed within three days of the scheduled exam time. Make-up midterms will not be given simply because a student has other exams on the same day. Make-up exams will require documentation of a valid excuse. The documentation will be verified, and if found to be false, no make-up will be given. Make up finals will NOT be given for any of the following reasons: 1) a common final exam at the same time (e.g., Accounting or Economics), 2) you are taking two classes at the same time, or 3) another course has changed its final exam time to conflict with the MKT 317 final. If you have three final exams in a calendar day and want to move your MKT 317 final, you will need to get a form from Professor Page to have signed by the professors of the other courses to verify that you do have three finals on the same calendar day. A copy of the University policy on final exams is provided in a folder on ANGEL. All make-up exams will be given after the regularly scheduled exam time. Students who plan to leave the country at the end of the term must schedule their departure AFTER the final exam. This applies even if your parents have made reservations for you without consulting you. Penalties will be imposed if you miss a midterm or the final exam because you simply forgot when it was scheduled. Once you have taken an exam, you cannot retake it because you were not feeling well during the exam, nor is that an excuse to have the exam weights...
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