Mix Marketing of Pantene

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Clearly, Shampoo is more than just shampoo when P&G sells it. P&G’s great successin the rough-and-tumble shampoo world comes from developing an innovativeproduct concept. An effective product concept is the first step in marketing-mixplanning.Philip Kotler defines product as  Anything that can beoffered to a market for attention, acquisition, use or consumption that might satisfy a -want or need. It includes physical objects, services, persons,places, organizationsand ideas. Product planners need to think about the product on three levels. The most basiclevel is the core product, which addresses the question: What is the buyer really buying?

 Theodore Levitt has pointed out that buyers 'do not buy quarter-inch drills; they buyquarter-inch holes'. Thus when designing products, marketers must first define thecore of  benefits
that the product will provide to consumers. The product planner must next build an actual product around the core product.Actual products may have as many as five characteristics: a quality level, features,styling,

brand name
product is more than a simple set of tangible features. Consumers tend to seeproducts as complex bundles of benefits
that satisfy their needs.
52 |

Source: Philip Kotler European EditionWe will now discuss our product Pantene under the following heads: Form:
It is available in the both premium bottle pack as well as satchets. FEATURES:
 The Pantene has whole range of shampoos with different features. These areVolume Care, Smoothing Care, Color Care, Curl Care and Basic Care, anti –dandruff, anti-hair fall etc. SIZE OF PACKAGE
Available in 100 ml,200 ml and 400 ml sizes
BRAND:53 |

Pantene Pro-V continues to create a line of products that transforms dull, dry, limphair into healthy, shiny hair. Their slogan: “Hair so healthy, it shines!” Each of thepro-vitamin essentials has been formulated to meet a special hair care need, inparticular panthenol.Pantene has recently been awarded “Asia’s favorite Shampoo” in the ReadersDigest Super Brands Survey.Pantene is currently facing issues with intense competition, but their unique Pro-Vitamin ingredient makes hair strong and healthy. “P&G is now one of the world’slargest beauty companies” (P&G Annual report). P&G states that Pantene is theworld’s largest hair care brand and that it grew in double digits over the last two-years. P&G claims that this success is due in part to their unsurpassed hairconditioning technology. The global retail hair care market is a $34 billion industry. P&G has annual sales of more than $4.5 billion with leading brands like Pantene. Pantene’s position in themarket is by attribute, claiming “Hair so Healthy it Shines” and their latest is a haircare challenge saying, “Healthier Hair in just 10 Days. Guaranteed.” Pantene usesprice to slightly separate itself from its in-store competitors. The price for Panteneproducts is slightly higher, identifying it as a better product. Pantene is alsopositioned around the product user. It has recently done commercials withactresses like Katrina Kaif,Sushmita Sen,Lara Dutta.” Lastly Pantene is positionedby the competitor. It is perceived as a product that maintains great hair andaccording to the sales figures it is perceived as a better product by consumers. 54 |


As mentioned above the 200 ml bottle was available for Rs 98 and 100 ml for Rs51.But very recently Pantene had reduced the prices and now the same 200 mlbottles are available for Rs 89 and 100 ML FOR Rs 41.P&G has basically adopted Geographical pricing strategy for Pantene.They have setdifferent prices for Pantene in different countries.This is a very good strategicmethod as it captures the local conditions as well as purchasing power of the localpopulation.When Pantene launched Lively Clean,it adopted Promotional Pricing for it andlaunched it at an introductory price of R78...
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