Missions Ministry in the Church

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Elizabeth Owsley Box # 1372 April 4th, 2013 Resource Project (David Mays’ CDs) Missions Ministry in the Church MI 381 Wade Landers

The David May's “Stuff you need to know about Doing Missions in Your Church” resource is simply amazing. I am floored by the amount of topics that he covers in this CD. There is everything from how to start mission work to balancing between missions at home and missions overseas and even samples of health/release forms for short-term missions trips. By my favorite thing about this resource is that I am able to download it, copy and paste, and share it! He has made it simple and easy to use.

As I said once before Mays covers just about every topic in missions ministry that you can think of. A few of the main topics that he covers are; preparing your church for missions ministry, short-term trips, and missionary care, and this is just a basic list. Within these are layers and layers of topics and information. Below I am going to talk about a few of the resources I have included. It was so hard only choosing twenty-five out of the hundreds provided in the CD. There is just so much that is covered, it really is a must have for anyone doing missions ministry in the church.

Included in this paper is a resource that comes out of the starting a missions ministry section, its titled “Watch your Mission Language”. The idea behind that is to teach your church the right words to use in their ministry and also to get everyone on the same page. Often Christians use words that sound normal to us, but to the people we are trying to reach out to and love on, our words don't always sound loving. This resource just helps the church to take a hard look at not only whats coming out but how it sounds to the person hearing us.

Out of the broad list I found the missionary care the most interesting. One of my favorite

resources withing that category, is one that might seem pretty simple to others and at times even unimportant, but I just loved it. It's called “Gifts that Fit into a Padded Envelope”. I know what it's liking living away from home and the people you love and I am told that those feelings are heightened even more when you are placed into a whole new culture. So the idea of sending or receiving little bits of home is very appealing to me.

Most of the things I have included in this paper are under the topic of missionary care and preparation. This is a topic that I believe can make or break your ministry. If you don't spend enough time preparing your church and your team for the mission field then it will fail. And even if a team is fulling prepared at some point they are going to get burnt-out. So care for the team before, on and off the field is another super important part of missions. I have heard too many stories that had ended badly because of teams not having a solid connection with a church body back home. There is a need for accountability and affirmation that needs to take place.

And last but not least Mays includes lists of ideas and ways to pray and care for the spiritual needs of our brothers and sisters in the mission field. Everything that mays writes is oozing with the word of God. I love that it's not just a list of good things to do but it is all back by the teachings of Jesus Christ and the commands that God has given his children.

1)Team - Building Community on the Missions Team I, 19

How to Build Community on the Missions Leadership Team

 Study together.  Pray together as a team.  Pray for one another regularly.  Be vulnerable; share what God is teaching you.  Get together informally for fun and fellowship .  Take a ministry trip together.  Attend an ACMC conference together.  Visit a mission organization headquarters.  Take a tour of a needy area in your city.  Serve together on a non-missions church event.  Conduct your meetings in a home.  Enjoy refreshments or a meal before, after, or during a meeting.  Add levity to the discussion,...
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