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E50097040.CU1522 - CU1522 - Develop Positive Relationship with Children, Young People and Others Involved in Their Care 1.1. Positive relationships with children and young people are important because when children feel comfortable they separate more easily from their parents, and are more likely to participate in activities if they secure emotionally. Also when children have positive relationships they are less likely to show unwanted behaviour as we can recognise and meet their individual needs. Childrens language will also develop more quickly due to being confident to talk to us. Us as practitioners can also plan more accurately as we’ll understand childrens development and we will know their individual interests. It is also important as we will be able to respond to a Childs emotions due to their facial expressions and the way they are acting when we know them and have a bond with them. We also have to remember that we are to build professional relationships. The principles of relationship building and to keep them maintained are communicating effectively, identifying and sorting out conflicts and disagreements, being consistent and fair, showing respect and courtesy, valuing and respecting individuality, keeping promises and honouring commitments, monitoring impact of own behaviour on others, keeping confidentiality as appropriate and recognising and responding appropriately to the power base underpinning relationships.

1.2. Observation

1.3. My own effectiveness in building relationships with children or young people is that when you get to know each child individually i feel more comfortable, because i know they feel comfortable due to them knowing me and respecting them. I involve all the children in my activities no matter what the age gap unless the activitiy is un suiteable for that age group. I ensure in myself that i treat each child in the same way, as no child has higher priority than the other they all get treated fairly....
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