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EYMP 1 3.4 How effective multi-agency working operates within early years provision and benefits children and carers.

Multi-agencies that operate within the early years may comprise of the following services: •Doctors/GPs/health visitors/ nurses
Physiotherapists/ paediatricians/speech and language therapists/child psychologists/psychotherapists •Educational psychologists/ support teacher for special needs/ teaching assistants for special needs •Social, play and portage workers

Behaviour support service teams (BEST)
Toy and leisure library associations/ CHILDLINE/ NSPCC
These Professionals work together within the early years setting, and in partnership with the child’s family to provide support and services meeting the child’s health, behaviour, learning and development needs. Information is exchanged and shared with the consent of the parents, between the parents, agencies and practitioners to assess, identify special or additional needs, to plan and support children accordingly, taking appropriate steps to work towards positive life outcomes. These services can be integrated and offer care that is effective to assist the child progress and achieve to his or her full potential. Information must be kept confidential and shared with the consent of the parent. It should only be disclosed in the event of abuse or child’s welfare concerns. The goals of multi- agency working are to help children become confident, safe, healthy, thrive, make most of their learning have respect, give others respect, become self-reliant. The services work in a holistic way and focus on early intervention, to promote learning and development that would make a positive difference to the lives of children and their families. Multi agency working ensures better outcomes for children who then show to have better relationships with their parents and families, better behaviour, a more positive attitude, more confidence and achievements. It helps parents/carers to...
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