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1.The county planning office is currently using operational decisions to relate the daily operations of an organization. Countys office uses a operation decision because of the countless interactions that have taken place daily. The Process is being reviewed by one department at a time, any single department decides to rejected the permit it must be corrected and go back through the process again from the start.When applications were cancelled because of a decline in any department the partial work results from earlier department would have been lost. Overall the process is consistant day to day, the process has become a routine and the process is changed infrequently. 2. A Process objective that county planning office is using in the OMIS model is being more efficient by reducing the time needed for a permit approval.Each review was taking 3 to 4 weeks so the company should improve on this by implementing a pre approval with specific requirement for applicant online so each department has requirments met prior totrying to review the application. With a online pre approval it allows objectives to be more efficientby reducing time delays and has a smaller probability of being rejected. The online pre approval would be a reasonable improvment in the permit review process because each department could determine a lot quicker if there department is missing information or have a better understanding on the likely hood of being approved in seconds by scanning the application.Each measure would be completley the same because each applicant would require the same requirments for the pre approval making each situation identical. By implementing the internet program the company could eliminate the second process of making three copies of the permit and distrubuting them to each department. The company as a whole each could track the application online and see if other departments have accepted or rejected the application and if the application was rejected the...
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