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Topics: Wireless LAN, Wi-Fi, Information security Pages: 2 (555 words) Published: January 22, 2013
3. (TCO C) List at least three conditions that contribute to data redundancy and inconsistency. 1) Data Duplication- this casuse not only redundancy, but inconsistency. If the data appears in different places this can create unreliable information, becuase you can't know which one is right or wrong.

2)Poor Security- If there is a lack in data security, corruption can occure caused by malware, or by someone who simpley doesn't know what they're doing. Causing data to be false, or corrupted

3) Lack of Automatic Updates- Example, google doc. mutliple people can change and and create new ideas at the same time. It is also continuously saving the data. However, if anyone can access it, and automatic updates does not happen then information or similar creative ideas will become redundant or a ideas will not stay on tack.

4. (TCO D) How does packet switching work?
Packet switching is breaking data files into small chunks to send across different networks, then the data is reassembled making it whole again. i.e. Sending an e-mail. From your computer, it gets broken down; sends to a router, that router sends small data to another router closer to the recipient, until it get's to the recipient the data reassembles once again.

5. (TCO E) Identify and describe five or more of the current trends in contemporary software platforms. 1) Open- Sources- promotes redistribution and access to product's design and implementation details.

2)JAVE- A programming language that is compatble for any operating system.

3)Web Browsers- allowing you to browse through various documents stored on the internet.

4)SOAP (Sample Object Access Protocol)- allows users to pass data and apps to each other

5) HTML- simple codes that display text and graphics... easy to use(Note, this was very popular for MySpace users)

6. (TCO F) Discuss the role and influence the user has in software development End users are the beta testers.

They influence software...
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