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Topics: Color, Blue, Dolls Pages: 3 (988 words) Published: February 17, 2013
This piece of art was produced by Mijn Schatje is 2009. The piece is called Blu and its name can be interpreted as the name of the doll in the piece. This piece of art belonged to the pop and surrealist art movement. I think that the title of the piece, ‘Blu’ is the name of the doll in the work, but it could also represent the ‘blue-ness’ of the piece as there is a constant wash of blue, blue could also represent sadness and loneliness, which is also present in the piece through the dolls eyes. If you look closely as the piece, you can see that there are clouds and raindrops that could represent tears.

Content & Composition
This piece of art focuses on a wide-eyed doll’s facial expression – which seems pained and sad with beautiful white hair surrounding it. Although this piece of artwork is surreal, I feel that it not completely from imagination, I think that the artist has taken inspiration off the real ball-jointed dolls themselves and portrayed their huge eyes in this piece. There is little compositional arrangement, the doll’s face fills up almost all the area and in the close foreground you can see faint rainclouds and rain drops and the occasional bird taking flight. As I have already said, I feel as though the doll has a sad expression on its face, you can see that the eyes are almost closed, as though the doll is looking down in sorrow. The colours used in this piece are all very cold except for the slight warmness afflicted by the bright colours on the doll’s eyelids. There is no obvious distortion in this piece, however, this piece is quite surreal and the doll’s facial proportions do not resemble the real proportions of the human face – the eyes are extremely emphasized. I think that this piece is quite literal, because you can tell straight away that is a portrait of a doll, however, there is room for interpretations because you can decide what the rainclouds and the the bird symbolize, tears or the weather?

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