Midwest Lightening Inc. Case

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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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Midwest Lighting, Inc. Case
Company Description
* In 2005, the profit was approximately ($144,000 / $5,500,000) 2.6% of sales; does this number indicate whether the company is doing well or not? * I like how this company’s strategic position is to offer products, lighting fixtures, to specifically meet the needs of their customers; they have identified their target consumers and have strategically positioned and marketed themselves accordingly * It’s interesting that Midwest Lighting, Inc. owns and operates every aspect of their product line; they can control the quality of their products better if they have direct access to their resources of production * Midwest Lighting, Inc. conveys the same message as Dr. Becherer: marketing is the key to success for a business, which caused this company to increase in sales even in down times of the economy Background

* I think it was a good idea that the company originally subcontracted their manufacturing and later brought the process in internally; they tested the waters to see what worked the best for their company * I think it is important for a company to focus on providing excellent customer service instead of just ignoring the aspect and focusing on production * I don’t think it is a good idea to have Peterson and Scott’s sons working along with them in the company without making sure everyone has the same perspective and vision; the sons entered the established company without having to build the company on a vision or mission Growing Conflict

* The conflicts that were present between Scott and Peterson were because they were separating responsibilities and were not able to communicate properly on achieving a common goal or vision * Scott and Peterson should have delegated who would be responsible for what duties and communicate the information appropriately without interfering in each other’s tasks to keep conflict at a minimum * In my opinion, I do not see Scott having confidence...
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