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  • Published : December 7, 2012
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Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, Izmir University of Economics


2 Course Code: PD 316

3 Course Name: Design for Sustainability

Instructor: Asst.Prof.Dr. Deniz DENİZ




Name-Surname: DATE: 19.11.2012
Student Number:


In this question, you are expected to follow 4 basic steps of “Sustainable Product Development Issues” (below) that are already discussed in the class. Explain each of 4 steps (a,b,c,d) considering your own project proposal. In other words; briefly describe what will be the advantages and disadvantages of your project in terms of Sustainability! (15x4=60 pts.)

a.Raw Material Acquisition and Processing; (such as; Conservation of natural resources, Waste minimalization, Sustainable use of resources, Use of recycled material, etc.)

In my project;

b.Manufacturing and Distributed Issues; (such as; Minimal Use of Materials, Waste generation, Energy consumption, etc.)

In my project;

c.Product Design, Use and Packaging Issues; (Designing eco-friendly products and processes, Consumer health and environmental safety, Energy efficiency, Conservation of natural resources, etc.)

In my project;

d.After-Use/ Disposal Issues; (Recyclability; Ease of reuse, Remanufacture and repair, Durability, Biodegradability/compostability, etc.)

In my project;


As we already discussed from the article, these are the “10 tips for sustainable package design”;

Take a life-cycle approach to package design;

Evaluate each component of your package;

Consider new alternatives for distribution packaging;

Look for opportunities to make your packaging reusable;

Consider changes in your product;

Whenever possible, design for recyclability;

Employ packaging strategies that encourage product consumption;...
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