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Topics: Criminology, Crime, Criminal law Pages: 11 (2329 words) Published: March 30, 2013
1.What is aetiology?
a)the study of physical features to determine criminal activity b)how crime is caused
c)the study of policing
d)psychology of crime

2.What are the four stages of police cynicism?
a)enjoyment, distrust, hostility, acceptance
b)loyalty, questioning, realization, cynicism
c)pseudo-cynicism, romantic cynicism, aggressive cynicism, resigned cynicism d)John Wayne cynicism, hero cynicism, uniformic cynicism, superior cynicism

3.Which of the following is NOT an area where police use special discretion? a)Mental Illness
b)Young offenders
c)Domestic violence
d)Drug offences

4.A profile is constructed by:
a)who + what = how
b)what + why = who
c)area + victims = offender
d)Morgan + Reid = finding the unsub

5.hkhksdhfs profiling is profiling the offender’s background characteristics based on crime scene evidence while hdafhlaksd profiling is profiling the offender’s background characteristics based on similar crimes committed by other (known) offenders. a)Deductive, Inductive

b)Organized, disorganized
c)Geographic, experience
d)Theoretical, ambiguous

6.In a polygraph test what would qualify as a control question? a)Did you murder Sandra Dee?
b)Have you ever aimed to hurt someone with your actions in high school? c)Do you like cookies?
d)What is 4 x 4?

7.The case of R v. Sophonow demonstrated the issue with:
a)planting evidence
b)eyewitness inaccuracies
c)police corruption
d)gang violence
8.When a judge determines whether the cause of an action was internal or external it is the: a)Focal concerns theory
b)Attribution theory
c)Disparity theory
d)Influence theory

9.What are some factors that are inappropriate in determining a sentence? a)gender
c)social class
d)all of the above

10.What are the two phases in a capital court case?
a)Guilt phase and penalty phase
b)Trial phase and sentencing phase
c)Incarceration phase and final phase
d)Aggravating phase and mitigating phase

11.General deterrence is the idea that…
a)it will stop the offender from committing more crimes
b)it gives the police more power
c)it will prevent other people from doing crime
d)it allows people to better understand the law

12.Which of the following are some of the elements associated with Battered Women Syndrome? a)learned helplessness
c)seeking aid
d)a and b
e)b and c

13.The two phases in Rape Trauma Syndrome are:
a)Acute Crisis Phase and Long Term Reactions
b)Immediate Stage and Post Trauma Stage
c)Denial Phase and Phobia Phase
d)Rape phase and Long Term Phase

14.Victim treatment has changed by:
a)having more services for victims
b)allowing victim impact statements
c)special witness conditions when testifying in court
d)all of the above

15.The definition of unfit to stand trial is:
a)the defendant is unable to participate in their defence on the account of mental disorder b)when the defendant is lacking mens rea
c)when the trial takes too long and is then stayed
d)when a person is unable to stand trial because they are too young

16.Which of the following statements is TRUE?
a)You cannot be NCRMD and still be fit to stand trial
b)McNaughton was the judge who rules on Canada’s first NCRMD trial c)You can be NCRMD and still fit to stand trial
d)NCRMD and Unfit to stand trial are not used in Canada

17.Which of the following are FALSE about the NCRMD defence? a)The defense of NCRMD is used frequently
b)The NCRMD is usually successful when it is brought up
c)The NCRMD defence is a loophole
d)The offenders who are released using this defence are more likely to re-offend, especially with violent offences e)All of the above

18.Sociological theories of crime deem the causes of crime to be… a)external to the individual
b)internal to the individual
c)their families
d)other criminals

19.In Park, Burgess and Wirth’s Zone theory...
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