Mid Term Lab Review

Topics: Cell, Measurement, Eukaryote Pages: 2 (649 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Review for Bio 103 Lab Midterm
Read the lab manual and study your worksheets.
Metric system, percent error, systematic error, random error, accuracy, precision Cylinder, beaker, pippette, balance, meniscus
Field of view, inversion, total magnification, depth of field, par focal Microscope parts: eye piece, body tube, arm, nosepiece, objectives, stage clips, mechanical stage, diaphragm, condenser, fine and course adjustments, light stage, base Protein, peptide bond, simple sugar, polysaccharide, lipid, adipose tissue Biuret reagent, iodine, Benedict’s reagent, Sudan IV, spot test Positive control, negative control

Eukaryote, prokaryote, yeast, budding, cilia, pseudopod, chloroplast, nucleus, cytoplasmic streaming, chromoplast, cell wall, plasma membrane, endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi apparatus, mitochondria, central vacuole Diffusion, tonicity, hypotonic, hypertonic, isotonic, potassium permanganate Lab 1: Know the purpose for the lab activities. Also know why science course include labs in general. 1. Know safe techniques for the laboratory, and locate lab safety equipment. 2. Apply the rules of metric system unit conversion to express measurements. I will give you a table similar o the table on page 10. 3. Recognize that all measurements have the possibility of error. 4. Identify and categorize error as systematic or random, explain the difference between accuracy and precision.  Which is more precise for measuring, a cylinder or a beaker 5. Be able to obtain measurements for length, weight, volume and temperature.  Review the proper way to measure volume in a cylinder, length of a long bone, weight and volume of a cube (by displacement and by measurement). Lab 2: Purpose?

1. Label the parts of a compound light microscope.
2. Know the proper way to carry a microscope.
3. Describe how to go about focusing on a specimen using a light microscope. 4. Focus an image on a prepared slide and describe in detail your observations. 5. Describe how to...
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