Microsoft's Trouble in China

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A case study on
Microsoft’s Troubles in China

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Question answer to Q-3 of case study.

Question: Why do you think it is so difficult to reduce software piracy in China? What strategies might Microsoft adopt to try to limit piracy in China? Are there ways of selling software that might make it difficult for piracy to occur?

Answer: China is a huge potential market for Microsoft with a population of 1.273 billion. An integral part of Microsoft’s international strategy has been expansion into Mainland China which projected to become the third largest PC market in the world in 2001.

The most obvious and serious obstacle to Microsoft’s success in china has been the rampant level of software used in China is pirated. Mostly used Microsoft products in china are illegal copies .Chinese government believed to be one of the worst offenders Microsoft’s lawyers complain that Beijing does not budget for software purchase, forcing its cash strapped bureaucracy to find cheap software solutions that means much of the government ends up using pirated software. Chinese judicial authorities do not enforce their own laws. Microsofts pressed officials in chinas southern province to raid a manufacturer that was used by the Microsoft to authenticate its software manuals .The chinese authorities procecuted the manufacturer acknowledge that a copy right violation had occured Microsoft by little fined the pirate company which undettered by this victory . It has been possible because of not having the protection of intellectual property right. Copy rights are the exclusively legal rights of authors. Thats why Microsofts continued in its attempts to use the legal system in china to limit copy...
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