Microcontroller Lab Manual

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Exp No. 1- Familiarity and use of 8051 Micro controller Trainer. Exp No. 2- Instruction set for simple programs for data transfer, & 3 manipulation, arithmetic operations, branching operations, logical operations and testing condition of bit in a byte. Exp No. 4- Code conversion programs. Exp No. 5- Timer and counter programming using 8051 Exp No. 6- Serial mode operation of 8051 Exp No. 7- Interfacing DAC module using 8051 Exp No. 8- Interfacing Traffic signal control using 8051 Exp No. 9- Interfacing 7-segment display using 8051 Exp No.10-Interfacing Stepper motor control using 8051 Exp No.11-Familiarity with MCBX51 board and writing programs for MCBX51. Program for Blinking of LEDs. Exp No.12-Real time clock using 8051.


BE ¾ (ECE) 2ND SEMESTER MICRO CONTROLLER LAB LIST OF EXPERIMENTS Experiment No.1: Familiarity and use of 8051 (ESA-31) Micro controller kit trainer. Experiment No.2: Simple programs in 8051 Assembly code and their execution. Program 1: Addition of two 16 bit numbers using registers. Program 2: Copying of byte data in RAM memory locations using a) Direct addressing b) Register indirect addressing c) Using loop structure. Program 3: Sum of a series of byte elements Program 4: Copying a data block from source to destination. Program 5: Count number of 1’s in a byte. Program 6: Multiplication of two unsigned 8-bit binary numbers. Program 7: Division of two unsigned 8-bit binary numbers. Program 8: Searching of a byte element in a data block.

Experiment No.3: Arithmetic, Logical & Branching operations. Program 9: Multi byte binary addition Program 10: Multi byte BCD addition Program 11: Multi byte binary subtraction


Program 12: Testing condition of a bit in a byte of data. Program 13: Finding largest element in a block of data array. Program 14: Checking a character string for a palindrome. Experiment No. 4: Code conversion Programs. Program 15: ASCII to Packed BCD conversion. Program 16: Packed BCD to ASCII conversion. Program 17: BCD to Binary conversion.

Experiment No. 5: Timer Programming using 8051 Experiment No. 6: Communication with host computer system. Experiment No. 7: Interfacing of DAC using 8051 and its programming.

Experiment No. 8: Interfacing of traffic signal control using 8051 and its programming. Experiment No. 9: Interfacing of 7-segment display using 8051 and its programming. Experiment No. 10: Program to control Stepper motor using 8051 . Experiment No. 11: Introduction to KEIL Software and MCBX51 kit. Experiment No. 12: Blinky: LED flasher program. Experiment No. 13: Interfacing elevator simulator control using 8051.


Familiarity with ESA 31 micro controller kit:
Main features of ESA 31 (8031 based): ESA 31 can be operated either from onboard keyboard or from a CRT terminal through its RS 232-C interface. Keyboard and serial monitor programs support the entry of users program, editing, debug facilities like breakpoints, single stepping & full execution of user programs. 1-pass Assembler can assemble any memory resident assembly language program. 1-pass Dis-assembler disassembles the object code into standard INTEL mnemonics. Total of 120KB memory is provided of which 64KB of memory is program memory and 56KB of memory is data memory. The monitor of the trainer occupies 32KB out of 64KB of program memory. Standard bus compatible signals available on the bus connector for easy expansion. SPECIFICATIONS: Microcontroller: 8031/8051 operated at 11.0592 MHz Memory follows: : Four 28-pin JEDEC sockets offer 120KB of memory as

32KB of firmware in one 27256 (Program memory) 32KB of SRAM using one 62256 (User program memory) 56KB of SRAM as data memory using two 62256s. 5

The memory map is as follows: DEVICE 27256 62256 62256 62256 ADDRESS RANGE...
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