Microbiology Notes

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Review for Microbiology Test #1 (Lesson 1-5)
Lesson 1
What is the #1 killer of man worldwide? Heart Disease. What is the #3 killer in the US? Infectious Disease. What is the importance of MO in our world? List 6-8 reasons MO are important. Can’t live in Germ Free World, Keeps Economy running, Agriculture, Medication, Baking, Cosmetics, Paints, Fertilizers, Helps develop immune system, Decomposition of dead plants and animals to enrich the soil. What are the 4 groups of people most prone to getting a disease? Very Young, Very Old, Pregnant, Immunocompromised.

What did we learn from the book of Leviticus in the Bible?
Our ancestors were _____ and _______. Hunters and Gathers
What 2 things brought the down fall of man?
1. Domestication of animals and animal diseases.
2. Contamination of his environment with his own excrement. What method did the shamans and medicine men use to learn their trade? Clean and dry is better then wet and dirty.
What did the city of Nippur contribute? 1st record of central community water and drainage system. What did the Egyptians contribute? Cleanliness, did not eat meat, 1st to us biological weapons. What were the humoral theories and what were the 4 humors and what did they represent? Every Civilization humors in body out of balance. Must restore balance between 4 humors. 1. Yellow bile-Urine

2. Black bile-Digest feces
3. Phlegm-Respiratory
4. Blood-Circulatory
What did Alexander the Great learn from Aristotle? To Boil water before you drink it. Sanskrit Writing. What did Hippocrates observed? Malaria peeks in Summer, Resp Infections peeks in Winter. Was a great observation but no experiment. What did Galen say and why was this important? Purely Natural casues of diseases. Goes against Romans What did the Romans contribute? Cities with sewers, aqueducts to bring clean water from mountains, public bath houses to stay clean. What was the ruling principle of early Christian Europe? Obedience to authority, the church, to cure the ills of soul not the ills of body. Go to church to cure the sick. Who enforced this principle?

What did Roger Bacon’s say? Not supernatural ones were responsible for diseases. Went against church doctrine. Why was this important?
What great epidemic occurred in 1347 and why was this important? Black Death. ¼-1/3 worlds pop died. Changed course of history by destroying the Feudal System. What did Rhazes recognize? Small Pox, Measles. They had the same Symptoms were 2 diff diseases. What started in the City of Cairo in the 13th century? Hospital wards Fracastoro – what did he do and why was it important? 1st Statement of modern germ theory of diseases “Germs cause diseases. Seeds of diseases too small to be seen or spread. Kercher described what? Invisible worms causing diseases

Who was the Father of the Cell Theory? Robert Hook 1665
Who was Leeuwenhoek and what did he contribute and why was it important? Father of the Microscope. 200 microscopes with 200x magnification., he was a uneducated man Who was the Father of the Microscope? Antoni Van Leeuwenhoak. What did the physician in Louis XIV court say and why was it important? Cautioned against daily bathing, goes against 3000 years. What was the Great Debate during the 1700’s? Great Debate of Spontaneous Generation. Does life arise out of nothing or does living things require 2 parents. Who was pro and who was con? Needham-pro Spallanzani-con

Don’t need to know each experiment!
What did John Hunter prove and what did Ricord prove? Diseases are contagious Rocird
What did Edward Jenner come up with and why was it important? Father of vaccinations What did Semmelweis start and why was it important? handwashing Pamum described what? measales
Davine and Hansen observed what? lypresay
What did John Snow do? Anthrax, stopped epidemic
Don’t need to know dates.
When did the Golden Age of Microbiology start and what does the Germ Theory of Disease say? Late 1800s...
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