MGT3907 Business Communication Summer Semester: Course Outline

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Assumption University Martin de Tours School of Management Department of Management SYLLABUS SEMESTER 2/2011 Martin de Tours School of Management’s Vision To be the leading international business school in the ASEAN region providing high quality business education to enable graduates to make invaluable contributions to organizations and society.

Martin de Tours School of Management’s Mission
To shape our students into independent-minded graduates who are well-versed in business, able to communicate effectively, tech savvy, innovative, and ethical to successfully face global challenges.


MGT3907 Business Communication Summer semester – MGT3907 is offered only in the evening program, NOT in the day program. BG2001 English IV A. Mingmada ( Course Coordinator


LECTURERS Day Program Evening Program OFFICE & CONTACT


A. Tipnuch ( ) A. Vrinporn ( A. Polthep ( A. Dilaka ( th MSM 4 Floor Development of written, oral, technical, and interpersonal skills for effective communication in the business world with emphasis on well-written business documents for diverse purposes; understanding of group and cross-cultural communication determinants for individual or organizational success; effective visual and oral presentation; and essential competence in some communication technologies widely used in business today.

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Upon completion of MGT3907, the student should have 1.1. Theoretical and applied knowledge of the purposes, formats, patterns, and media of modern business communication; 1.2. The ability to compose business memos and letters for informative, positive, negative, and persuasive messages; 1.3. Preparation for job interviews and searches; 1.4. The ability to plan, research, compose, and present a short report; 1.5. Skill in the technology currently used in business communication, including word processing and presentation software, e-mail, and the Internet; 1.6. The ability to identify potential barriers to communication and apply techniques to overcome them; 1.7. Appreciation of the value of diversity in meeting communication objectives; 1.8. The ability to write effective formal and informal business documents of various kinds throughout a business career; 1.9. An awareness of the importance of using correct grammar and punctuation in business writing. • REQUIRED TEXT • • • CLASS ATTENDANCE Locker, Kitty O., and Donna S. Kienzler. Business and Administrative Communication. 9th ed. New York: McGrawHill/Irwin, 2010. 6 absents maximum (including both discussion and lecture classes) A student absent 7 or more times including lates, will not be allowed to take the final exam, according to University policy and the regulation of the Thailand Commission on Higher Education. Here is the official policy:


MARK ALLOCATION: Assignment/ Class work/Participation Quiz Proposal, presentation, short report Midterm examination Final examination TOTAL Penalty Marks 1. No submission to Report Copying Check 2. Presentation Quality Survey

10 5 15 20 50 100%

-50 -20

Penalty marks will be subtracted from your total Assignments marks until that total reaches zero.

EXAMINATION SCHEDULE: is not given here as it may change after this Course Outline is distributed. Students must check with Registration or look it up online with AuNet.

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CLASS RULES Cheating Policy If any students or a group of students will be caught copying, partial/entire project or hire outside or inside person to do their works, the faculty consider such act as a serious matter which will automatically result in ‘F’ grade for an entire group. Changing section Students are neither allowed to study in other section they have not enrolled for, nor do the project with their...
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