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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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Leader ship, chap 14
Which of the following is not a key characteristic of authentic leaders? c. They have no set priorities.

Bob meets with his subordinates on a regular basis to share concerns and information with the group. He takes their feedback but makes decisions on his own. According to the leadership decision tree, Bob has a(n) _____________ decision-making style. b. consultative

Jien has the ability to control his emotions in multiple situations and has empathy for others; he is internally motivated and has many admirable social skills. Jien has b. high emotional intelligence.

All of the following are consequences of a high-quality leader-member exchange relationship except d. effort in building good relationships.

The information system department's employees are highly skilled individuals who possess a very internal locus of control. The firm is looking to hire a manager for the department to replace the retiring manager. What type of leadership style would likely be most effective with this group? d. participative

Indra Nooyi has proven to be an effective leader for PepsiCo since she took over the firm in 2006. She exhibits all of the following leadership qualities except d. laid-back performance standards and style.

Nick's roommate is attending a networking event for his business fraternity this weekend. He says, "Nick, you are so good at going up to someone and starting a conversation. You always seem to know what to do and what to say. You never seem awkward and you can talk to anyone about anything. I want to handle this networking event well—give me some tips." Nick seems to be very d. extraverted.

Maria is part of an organizational behavior project group. Her group members chose her as the leader of the group because she is always on task, on time for meetings, sets achievable goals and is willing to assist anyone who needs help. Maria is c. conscientious.

Martin sent an anonymous memo to various members of his company charging his manager with cheating the employees out of pay bonuses. Martin's manager seems to lack a. integrity.

People-oriented behaviors include
b. treating employees with respect.

Nelson is the manager of a marketing department in a medium sized company. Nelson has six employees reporting to him. In deciding the goals for the department for next quarter, Nelson is holding a meeting for employee input and direction. Nelson uses a(n) _________ style of decision making in the marketing department. b. democratic

Which of the statements regarding research on House's path-goal theory is correct? c. The theory's greatest contribution is the importance of the leader's ability to change styles depending on the circumstances.

Malcolm is the manager of his department. After performance evaluations, he gives those who have met their goals for the year a pay raise. He gives his employees their assignments and leaves them to do their work but does monitor them so that if he notices a potential problem, it gets resolved before causing difficulties. What kind of contemporary leadership style is Malcolm demonstrating? c. transactional leadership

Leaders who hold a position of authority and utilize the power that comes from their position as well as personal power to influence others are called c. formal leaders.

Research on transformational and transactional leadership shows all of the following except d. transactional leaders increase the intrinsic motivation of their followers.

Which of the following is an incorrect statement about leader-member exchange (LMX) theory? a. High-quality LMX relationships involve an active dislike between the leader and member.

According to the leadership decision tree, a leader who makes a decision alone using available information has a(n) a. autocratic decision-making style. 

In which scenario would directive leadership be most effective? d. when employees have an external locus of control 

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