Mgt 350 Final Exam

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  • Published: October 25, 2012
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MGT 350

1) Bill Simmons is the manager of a small restaurant and must decide how much money he owes his suppliers. The best way for Bill to approach this as a critical thinker is to
A. collect and analyze the evidence

B. identify opportunities and obstacles

C. understand different perspectives on the issue

D. weigh the consequences of this decision

2) Critical thinking is very important in making decisions that impact an organization’s growth and survival. Which of the following traits of a critical thinker is essential in this process?
A. Intellectual integrity

B. Intellectual empathy

C. Intellectual perseverance

D. Intellectual courage

3) When faced with a decision opportunity, a critical thinker must sort through a variety of readily apparent symptoms in order to focus on important considerations that may be hidden. Based on the decision steps model, when framing a problem a helpful step is to

A. Determine root causes

B. Measure the decision

C. Frame alternatives

D. Evaluate effects of the problem

4) In the stages of development of critical thinking, which of the following types of thinking entails exploring the foundation of our thinking and discover how we have come to think and believe we do?

A. Beginning thinker

B. Practical thinker

C. Advanced thinker

D. Master thinker

5) One way for a leader to develop alternative perspectives for decision making is to:
A. increase the use of the logical thinking style

B. increase the homogeneity of his or her team

C. assign the role of devil’s advocate for meetings

D. apply past decision successes to current decision opportunities

6) The outcome of the process of framing the problem includes:
A. a list of potential alternative courses of action

B. a list of criteria, goals, and objectives for a decision

C. a timeline for decision implementation

D. an...
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