Mgmt 404 Review Questions

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Review Questions


Answer the following questions:
1)What is the difference between a task dependency and a task constraint?

Task dependency shows how the task is dependent on the beginning or ending of another task, such as a one task must be seen to completion for the dependant task to start. A task constraint is a restriction or limitation that can be set on the start or finish date of a task, such as finishing on a particular date or starting earlier than a particular date.

2)Give a real-world situation when you might used the following task constraints: a)Start No Earlier Than – For a task called “Create Final Labs Report” with a start no earlier than constraint on date December 30. This is because the task can start only after the all the patients have had their latest set of labs drawn.

b)Start No Later Than – There might be a special offer price discount for purchase of video games before its release date of march 1st. To ensure that no one misses this, there can be a start no later than constraint task for task “Buy games” on date March 1st.

c)Finish No Later Than - If there is a deadline that a project must complete before a certain date due to market or customer commitment, the finish no later than constraint on the last task to ensure that the project finish date is on or before that date.

d)Finish No Earlier Than – This constraint is used is to ensure that a task does not finish before a certain date. The Finish No Earlier Than constraint can be used on a task with a lot of slack and where the same resources can be used on critical tasks. This would help in easier resource leveling without impacting project schedule as the resources are freed up to perform more urgent tasks.

e)Must Finish On – There are many situations where a company would be undertaking legal and regulatory projects where the company would have to face penalty or legal implications if a certain project or task is not completed before a...
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