Mgmt 330 Midterm Exam

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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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Question 1 ______________ involves assembling and coordinating organizational resources. a) Controlling b) Planning c) Organizing d) Leading e) Quantifying Question 2 Goodwill stemming from social relationships is called a) social empathy. b) social capital. c) emotional intelligence. d) emotional capital. e) empathetic goodwill. Question 3 Lower-level managers who supervise the operational activities of the organization are called a) frontline managers. b) middle managers. c) top-level managers. d) tactical managers. e) strategic managers. Question 4 The President of Delta Design, LLC attended the opening ceremony for a customer's new office complex. Which of Mintzberg's roles was the President playing in this situation? a) Leader b) Liaison c) Figurehead d) Spokesperson e) Resource allocator

Question 5 Which type of manager has responsibility for translating the general goals and plans developed for an organization into more specific activities? a) Operational managers b) Functional managers c) Activities managers d) Strategic managers e) Tactical managers Question 6 Planning involves which of the following? a) Analyzing current situations b) Determining rewards for goals achievement c) Attracting people to the organization d) Motivating employees e) Implementing necessary changes Question 7 When Johnny Jack, manager of Jack-Mack Enterprises realized that his plan to increase sales levels among associates was not producing the results he desired, he took quick action to make necessary adjustments. Johnny was exercising the management function of a) planning. b) organizing. c) leading. d) controlling. e) communicating. Question 8 Fixed costs buyers face if they change suppliers are called a) changing costs. b) switching costs. c) supplier costs. d) retailer costs.

e) sunk costs. Question 9 The growth of contingent workers in the U.S. labor force due to unpredictable labor demand is an illustration of a) adapting at the core. b) flexible processes. c) buffering. d) smoothing. e) empowerment. Question 10 Carol owns a small gift shop on the East Coast. She is hoping the economy rebounds this fall as she had to order her Christmas and other holiday gifts in February to be sure she has enough inventory for the surge in sales that the holiday season usually but not always brings to her retail store. In this example, Carol is using __________ to be sure she has enough gifts for those extra holiday customers that she hopes will brave the economic woes and shop for gifts. a) just-in-time inventory management b) smoothing c) kanban d) buffering e) adapting at the core Question 11 A low-cost airline described as one of the excellent companies in the bestseller of the early 1980s, InSearch of Excellence is no longer in business. Industry analysts state that although the service and price provided by the airline was what customers wanted, the larger airlines were able to drive the low-cost airline out of business through an aggressive price war. This scenario is illustrative of which aspect of the competitive environment? a) Customers b) Competitors c) Regulators d) The economy e) The political environment of the time

Question 12 Management of the network of facilities and people that obtains materials from the outside, transforms them into products and distributes the products to customers is called a) collaboration. b) switching costs. c) cooptation. d) supply chain management. e) customer service. Question 13 The development of new products that may replace sales of existing products is referred to as the threat of a) new entrants. b) substitutes. c) diminished supply. d) technology. e) complements. Question 14 Giving customers what they want or need, they way they want it, the first time is known as a) planned giving. b) planned obsolescence. c) customer service. d) premier service. e) operations management. Question 15 Managers often ignore problems for which of the following reasons? a) They don't agree with the...
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