Mgmt 203

Topics: Personal computer, Policy, Public policy Pages: 1 (356 words) Published: October 1, 2012
Rio Grande Supply Company

1a. The environmental factors that have helped to create the situation Jasper Hennings faces are as follows: A. The technological (external environment) because of the technological advancements it is possible that the company employee’s do activities not related to their work such as check the weather and personal e-mails by using the internet. B. The internal environment because the company didn’t adjust to technological advancement. They didn’t take the initiative to install software filters to prevent the abuse of the company corporate computer system. b. The factors Jasper need to consider when deciding on his course of action are the company’s policy, the people affected by his decision and the possible consequences for his decisions. 2a. The other subconscious values and benefits that I detect are self-preservation, empathy/compassion and the right to decide on the things which are favorable to the company. b. Yes, there are conflicting values present which are:

A. Honesty vs. Self-preservation
B. Right to decide on things favorable to the company vs. Respect of each employee of the company. C. Respect for company policies vs. compassion.
c. When values are in conflict the value you decide to take precedence on is the one that produce the greatest net benefit for the greatest number. 3a. If I was Jasper the two first action steps I would take to handle the Henry Darger situation would be to:

1. To fire Henry so his actions wouldn’t be precedent to other employees
2. Install software filters and identify possible improvements for the company’s computer system so the same incident wouldn’t reoccur. b. My role as a cultural leader I am expected to perform my duties and responsibilities in accordance with the standards of the company. I am also pressured to make the best decision possible because employees look up to me. c. My decision to fire Henry in accordance with the company’s policies. This would bring the...
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