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  • Published: September 6, 2012
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Ball Game project
Documentation Report

|Filename: |Ball Game project.doc |
|Status: |draft |
|Date: |8.11.2006 |
|Author: |David Hill |

Table of contents
Ball Game project: Project Model3
Ball game behaviour-Design: Sequence Diagram4
Ball Game requirements: Use Case Diagram8
Ball Game structure - analysis: Class Diagram [UML]11
Ball Game structure - design: Class Diagram [UML]16
States of the Ball: State Machine Diagram24

Ball Game project: Project Model

The Ball Game project is concerned with developing a video game, where the player attempts to break through a wall by knocking out bricks with a ball, which he or she bounces on his paddle. Status of project model: draft

Project manager: David Hill
|Person name |Email address |Contact information | |David Hill | |Park Court | | | |Upper Essex Street | | | |City 5 | | | |B8 6QB | |Joe Smith | | |

Project model picture: Ball Game project
Documentation includes following graphs and subprojects:
|Graph name |Documentation | |Ball game behaviour-Design |This model describes interactions among the Ball game objects during the game. | |Ball Game...
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