Mexican Independence Q/a

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  • Published : December 18, 2012
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Hidalgo -> Jose Morelos -> Agustin Iturbide -> Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna -> Benito Juarez -> Porfirio Diaz

1. What did Hidalgo do on September 16, 1810 that was equated to the First Crusade? a. Called to arms
2. Jose Morelos called for the Congress of Chilpacingo in 1813 that accomplished what? a. Declared Mexican independence, decreed slavery should be abolished, and announce Catholicism as state religion. 3. What is the Army of Three Guarantees?

a. Mexican independence, Catholicism as state religion, and distinction between Creole, mestizo, and Indian abolished. 4. Who was the first emperor (junta) of Mexico? Second?
a. Agustin Iturbide. Maximillian of Hapsburg.
5. What was Iturbide’s first big mistake?
a. Promise Spanish could leave with the value of their land holdings in hard currency. Spanish owned the best, most expensive land; leading to Mexico’s bankruptcy. 6. Who is Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna?

a. Led rebellion against Iturbide, establish republic, and lead nation to war against Polk. 7. What happened at the Alamo?
a. Santa Anna crossed with red flag. 10,000 vs. 200. Becomes important symbol. 8. What did Sam Houston do?
a. Avenge Alamo by capturing Santa Anna at San Jacinto, making him sign the Treaty of Velasco that declared Texas independence- Mexico did not recognize. 9. When Benito Juarez’s rule in power was called?

a. The Reform.
10. Why did France invade Mexico? France lost at the battle of? a. Juarez stopped foreign payments. Battle of Puebla (Cinco de Mayo). 11. The Constitution of 1857 consists of?
a. Universal male suffrage, civil liberties (freedom of liberty, press, speech) to all Mexicans. 12. Porfirio Diaz’s main goal was?
a. Internal security and foreign investment.
13. Porfirio Diaz’s policy was called?
a. Pan o Palo. Bread or stick.
14. How did Porfirio...
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