Methods for Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities

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  • Published: May 3, 2013
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Methods for Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities

*Students are strongly encouraged to utilize e-mail through their MSU email account to ask questions, solicit feedback, or schedule an appointment with the instructor. Face-to-face meetings with the instructor are welcome, but please establish the appointment time in advance via e-mail or talk to me after class.

Course Description

This course is designed to compliment the introduction course for Learning Disabilities. This course focuses on the practical application of instructional methods for students with or at-risk for high incidence disabilities. Students enrolled in this course will be expected to

(a) demonstrated knowledge of the theoretical framework underlying instructional practices that have been shown to be effective for students with mild disabilities,

(b) select and implement appropriate modification’s that support learner with special needs in content-area classes,

(c) develop appropriate instructional lessons based on assessment information and models of effective instruction, and

(d) correctly apply instructional techniques and identify curricular materials associated with positive outcomes for students with learning disabilities.

Required Text

Mather, N. Goldstein, S. (2001). Learning Disabilities & Challenging Behaviors A Guide to Intervention & Classroom Management. Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co. ISBN 1-55766-500-1

Pierangelo, R., Giuliani, G. (2006). Learning Disabilities A Practical Approach to Foundations, Assessment, Diagnosis, and Teaching. Pearson Education, Inc. ISBN 0-205-45964-1

Reid, R., Lienemann, Ortiz, T. (2006). Strategy Instruction for Students with Learning Disabilities. Guilford Press. ISBN# 13-978-1-59385-282-5

Bender, W., Shores, C. (2007). Response to Intervention. Corwin Press. ISBN# 978-1-4129-5385-6

Optional Reading

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