Merchandise Tecniques

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Accelerated purchase
A specific goal set by a brand to have shoppers and retailers buy a product faster than expected or planned for. Accent lighting
A touch of lighting that is used to emphasize part of a shopper marketing display. Acrylics
Very popular display material because it has half the weight of glass but can withstand four times the impact. It resists most cleaning agents, and while it can be scratched, polishing can remove marks. Common uses in P-O-P: jewelry cases, lenses, edge-lit accents and faux glass shelves. Action aisle

A store aisle in which promotional items are displayed. Also referred to as a "power aisle." Action Alley
A store's main thoroughfare, often the first sales area that customers see upon entering, and considered to be prime real estate for promotional merchandising. Originally used to denote Wal-Mart's power aisles, the term is now often used generally. The alleys, in general, can be found up front, near checkout, or in the back of the store. Adjacencies

Product categories on-shelf or product departments located next to each other within a retail store. Air right display
A display hanging above shoppers and product.
A store corridor, flanked by fixtures carrying shelves of product. Aisle blocker
A movable merchandiser used to block a closed checkout lane. Aisle directory
Navigational signage that identifies the aisle's product assortment. Usually suspended from the ceiling or attached to an end-aisle display. It sometimes also carries brand-specific ad messages. Aisle jumper

A wire extending above an open aisle that sometimes carries branded flags and pennants. Aisle signage
(See aisle directory.) Navigational signage that designates the aisle's product assortment. Typically deployed as ceiling hangers or at aisle ends. Aisle violator
A sign hanging perpendicular to the shelf on which it is attached, thereby sticking out into ("violating") the aisle. Most commonly used to identify rectangular signs that span more than one shelf width. Alignment

The practice of visually grouping store elements in a harmonious way. Altruistic display
A product display that contains products from outside parties that did not pay for its manufacture or placement. Also used to describe the inclusion of a non-participating product within a store-wide seasonal program or other campaign.

Ambient lighting
The use of lighting to help create a particular atmosphere or mood within a store. Apron
An area outside a gas station or other retail outlet in which merchandise displays are placed. Arch
Signage running above an aisle from one gondola to another. Assortment display
A product display designed to give customers a choice -- color, size or other variable. Attach-to-merchandise display
A display that attaches directly to the merchandise. The display usually provides some necessary informational messaging.

Back up merchandise
A surplus of product made available for restocking in-store displays. Backbar display
A display designed for use on the counter or wall behind the bar in pubs, restaurants or other "on-premise" channels. Backlit display
A display that utilizes a fluorescent bulb or other lighting system to illuminate a film transparency or graphic from behind. Banner
1. An in-store sign, generally produced from satin, poplin, poly-cotton and vinyl.  2. The name under which a retail chain operates; the name that appears on the outside of the store (e.g., Jewel is a banner of Albertsons). Billboard

A large outdoor advertising display.
Creation of a large branded...
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