Men's Health vs. Women's Health

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  • Published : April 27, 2013
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Men’s Health vs. Women’s Health
Ieshia Jefferson
University of Phoenix
Teri Purcell

This essay will explain the many different health risk between men’s health and women’s health, and how they are alike as well as different. When concerning to health there are many differences between men and women. Some women react different to certain medication than men do. Aside from the difference in the reproduce health, Men and women experience different symptoms from the same health problems. Men’s are at higher risk of developing certain health conditions, such as kidney stone, and women risk are health problems like osteoporosis, and thinning bone, there are many difference in men’s and women’s health. Women will suffer from depression than men, because women are more vulnerable because of hormonal transition (Pregnancy and menopause). I was surprise when it came to women and smoking, because some has a negative effect on women’s cardiovascular system than men. Women stomach produce less enzyme, therefore if they consume the same amount of alcohol as a man, women blood alcohol levels are higher. This essay will give you an insight into men’s and women’s health, and the issue they share alike, their symptoms, and ways you can reduce your risk. Men and women both suffer from Menopause. In women menopause is the transition when you no longer experience menstrual flow and can no longer become pregnant there are different things you can do as a women to ease into the transition. For hot flashes wear loose clothing, avoid spicy foods, and drink plenty of water. To decrease vaginal dryness, avoid using soap that is scented, and avoid using oil and petroleum- based product. Men menopause usually occurs around the age 45 and 60, but men’s can still continue to have children. There are ways that men can cope with male menopause get plenty of sleep, exercise regularly, and find new ways to relieve stress. Some symptoms of male menopause are...
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