Memory and Biology

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  • Published : June 1, 2013
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Memory and Biology
There are many events in a person’s life that leave an impression or may “change” a person’s perspective or path. From birth to death the mind is recording lessons and adding to the infinite storage space known as memory.

Classical conditioning
Lives are filled with many lessons; some of these are learned through classical conditioning, operant conditioning, and behavioral observation. A simple example of classical conditioning would be whenever walking into the kitchen the feeling of hunger begins to present itself. The unconditioned stimulus is the kitchen; by itself the kitchen provides no stimulus. The unconditioned response is hunger, hunger is an involuntary response. The conditioned stimulus is the food that is prepared and eaten while in the kitchen. The conditioned response is becoming hungry each time the individual walks into the kitchen. This is a simple example of how classical conditioning works. Other examples could be a loved one wears a certain perfume, each time you smell that scent you smile and feel happy. This is also classical conditioning

Operant conditioning
Another way of learning life’s many lessons is through operant conditioning. In operant conditioning there is a positive or a negative reinforcement. If an individual spends the night singing Karaoke and fellow patrons clap and cheer, this is a positive reinforcement. If they boo and recommend getting off the stage, than this is a negative reinforcement. Singing is the control behavior, the consequence or reinforcement is the response of the crowd, depending on the response of the fans, positive cheering, or negative jeering this is a clear example of operant conditioning. The individual will either return again and again for an evening of idled worship or never again in fear of humiliation. In operant conditioning the individual is making an aware choice to stimuli whereas in classic...
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