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Topics: Hotel, Hospitality, Hospitality industry Pages: 3 (1134 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Introduction to Hospitality Management 310-01|
1st Written Assignment|
Dr. Joyce A. Hunter|
Matthew P. Salmon|

Discussion of various components of Hospitality Industry, discussion of various characteristics of Hospitality Industry, discussion of what is meant by the service philosophy is a way of life, discussion of what affirmations are and why they are important from a religious point of view, followed by examples of affirmations.|

The hospitality/tourism Industry is comprised of five different categories that totaled together make up the world’s largest industry. The first of the five is the Travel and Lodging category which is comprised of the air lines such as Delta, Southwest, and American. The first category also includes the cruise ships such as those owned and operated by Disney, the railway companies like Amtrak, the coach busses operated by Greyhound along with the rent-a-car companies with their ubiquitous name brands like Enterprise.

The second category is lodging, which is made up of hotels, motels, and resorts. Hotels, including the Loews hotels, commonly located in prestigious areas like South Beach, Florida cater to those who may be traveling and wish to be pampered and made comfortable to help relieve the stress of crossing time zones or closing large business deals. Hotels also offer economy class deals for people whom are forced from their homes and require an extended stay featuring full-sized kitchens and living quarters. Motels are for quick stops along the highways or in town for people traveling and need a place to stay the night at the local Motel 8. Resorts, often secluded, are usually a community of services to cater to every need for their gusts. From grocery shopping, dining, to recreation, resorts are the true “get away from it all” experience giving guests a variety of new menu option and activities, although usually open seasonally.

The third category is Assembly and Event Management,...
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