Medieval Science

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Western Civilization
Medieval Science by Dr. Jack Sanders
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The Dark Ages are a part of a longer period known as the middle Ages that continued to 1500AD. Both ages emphasize the effect of an age on European civilization. Science was thought to have vanished from the world’s progress and scientific understanding was easy to miss during the middle ages. Obstructions of European science and reason during the dark ages simply stopped even though many developments in Europe would prove to be vital to the expansion of human understanding. Dr. Sanders used the barbarians as an example stating that the barbarian’s techniques and ideas that were adapted and made part of European life. For most of the Middle Ages human progress was centered in Arabia and science owes a great historic debt to the Arabians. Controversies about the decline of the Roman Empire were clear for a long time. The collapse of the Roman Empire lead to three new civilizations: Byzantine, Western Civilization and Muslim Civilization. The Islam civilization did not emerge until the seventh century and played a very important role in science. The influence if Hellenism with the marches of Alexander the Great reached a new epic. Alexander the Great carried to the east the Greek culture which was already spreading over the Mediterranean and throughout Babylonia and Egypt. Alexander took his conquest and army as far as India and new information was taken back to Greece. This new information encouraged the shift from abstract thinking to a more imperial way of thinking. The conquest of Mesopotamia in 331 BC gave forth the details of Babylonian astronomy and mathematics and all this new knowledge was sent to Greece. After the death of Alexander his empire dissolved. Egypt was seized by one of Alexander’s generals, a man by the name of Ptolemy who studied with Aristotle as a youth. Ptolemy’s commitments to learning lead the establishment of the greatest centers of learning in Alexandria....
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