Medieval Europe

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Life for a woman in the middle ages was an endless pregnancy- the lady of our manor is always lying in bed with her swollen abdomen making a strange bulging lump under the covers. My two older sisters are both expecting their third children. I am to be married soon. My parents are choosing the right suitor for me to spend the rest of my life with. It is my duty to marry whom they choose with no complaints otherwise I will be punished, flogged skin always attracts the flies in summer. I hope it will be someone worthy. I wish it could be a knight in shining armour come to whisk me away, but that possibility is extremely slight. The lord has to give his consent as a woman cannot marry without it. Life in the middle ages was a hard life of routine that was determined by the seasons.

There's the vegetable garden to tend, clothing to wash, bread to bake for tomorrow, cloth to weave, and a house to keep clean.

I wear a scarf like a veil that goes over my head to help keep me warm. An apron covers my plain rough dress and is used especially when working to keep my underclothes clean. The colours of the materials I wear are a dull red, gray, or brown. Our Lord and his Lady wear much softer layers and kinds of clothes than me, I am almost too scared to handle my ladies muslin or silk as they are so soft and delicate- if I damaged them I could never afford to replace it. The brightest colors are reserved for our royalty such as a mustard yellow. The finest stale ma;e urine must be used to create such a beautiful colour. For more formal occasions, we wear cleaner, softer and prettier clothing made from a variety of material. My clothes are more economical because I have to work and my family cant afford material that had been refined.

Before dawn the fire has to be lit, so my sister and I go out to collect straw and timber to light the embers, to coax our dwindling fire back into a roaring flame. Our morning porridge is then heated over the flames and served with the morning ale. I then have to collect the water for cooking, cleaning, washing and drinking from the well in the middle of the village and transport it back to our house.

All my travelling and transport is done on foot and only during the daytime, walking alone at night results in terrible things happening to people. I also don’t want to waste the horses, as they are needed for long journeys and to help in the field.

Spun thread-distaff
House was made of wood, branches, clay and straw.
The lady of the manor- In the wealthy lady’s great manor house made of stone- in the bedchamber there is a curtain that goes around the walls to avoid spiders and flies. On the bed there is a plump luxurious feather mattress to which a bolster is attached. A quilted pad of striped cloth covers the mattress with a fluffy pillow placed for the lady’s head. Ample sheets of muslin are then laid as well as a heavy coverlet with a thick badger-fur lining to keep out the cold at night. I have none of these as I am just a humble servant to our most respectful lady. I sleep in the same clothes every night Wouldn’t dare to steal from - hands are chopped off or eyes are blinded. fines were the most common punishment for theft More severe cases could be punishable by flogging, the cutting off of one or both ears or a hand, or death by hanging. Even the loss of an ear made the perpetrator’s shame permanently visible. A thief is permanently branded so that they have the constant reminder of their offence and everyone may see their crime and shame them Empty hollow feeling often- so very hungry

At night-time the animals come into our house and we all sleep together. Our lady of the manor thinks this is most unhygienic and is disgraceful. She wrinkles up her nose at the mention of animals, as she hates their smell. But I don’t notice the smell, in fact I find it quite comforting at times. The deep woody, musky scent that always smells of fresh earth. Sometimes when it is extremely cold...
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