Medical Terminology: Prefixes

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  • Published : June 30, 2012
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In chapter three, you learned about prefixes. In order to demonstrate your understanding of the concepts presented, respond to the following:

(1) Using the lecture notes provided, your textbook, and the Taber's: select a word root and add three different suffixes to build three different medical terms. Apply a different prefix to each of your medical terms built in order to further build new medical terms. Make sure that in doing so, you build legitimate medical terms. Define these six terms and note how the prefix alters the meaning of each term. For example:

Word Root: derm

derm/al derm/ic derm/is

trans/derm/al hypo/derm/ic epi/derm/is

Part I.

Answer this question completely and submit your answer within this assignment.

1. Word Root: hist = tissue
Histo/blast = a tissue forming cell
Histo/chemistry = study of chemistry of the cells and tissues Histo/clastic = the ability to break down tissues
Amp/hist/ome = A common name for any trematode of the genus Paramphistomum Anti/hist/a/minic = An agent that antagonizes actions of histamine Immuno/hist/ochemistry = Demonstration of specific antigens in tissues by the use of markers that are either fluorescent dyes or enzymes

Part II.

Share your answer to question (1) by copying and posting your response in the discussion forum titled "Assignment Chapter 3 Part I." Be sure that the word root you select has not been used by another student. If the word root you've selected has been used by another student, use your textbook to select a different word root and perform the same steps outlined in question (1) to build and define six medical terms, and post. Completed.

(2) Using the prefixes "tachy- and brady-" or "dys- and eu-", selet a medical term and build opposites. Define both terms you build. Be sure to refer to your textbook and the Taber's to build legitimate terms. For example:

2. Dys/praxia = Impaired or painful...
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