Medical Necessity

Topics: Employment, Management, Motivation Pages: 2 (443 words) Published: January 19, 2013
Employees are essentially the most important aspect of an organization. Managers strive to motivate their employees so that they are willing to perform at their highest levels. When employees work hard, come to work regularly and continue making positive contributions to the organization, the business will be able to cut costs and yield more profit, both of which are the ultimate goals of any organization. On the contrary, unmotivated employees will mean the organization will have people that are not willing to do well in the jobs or have to hire more people to do different jobs, which contribute to higher operating costs and a reduction in profit. According to an article entitled ‘Need-based Perspectives on Motivation’ by Moorhead and Griffin, job performance depends on three main factors: Motivation, Ability and Environment. In order for an employee to reach a higher level of performance, he/she must ‘want to do the job’ (motivation), ‘be able to do the job’ (ability), and ‘must have the materials, resources, and equipment to do the job’ (environment).For this reason, the following relationship can be established: Performance = Motivation + Ability + Environment

Deficiency in any one of these factors will result in a lower level of job performance. Managers always need to ensure that these three conditions are met[4]. Of all the three factors, it is generally accepted that motivation is the most difficult factor to manage. This is mainly due to the fact that human’s attitude/behavior is full of complexities and thus difficult to manage. As for the other two factors, an employee has been recruited with the awareness that he/she has the skills and capacity needed to perform the tasks as well as the fact that resources are readily available. If the manager feels that the employee lacks training of some sort, he/she can be sent to training programs to learn those skills. If the person is not suitable for the level, he/she can be directed to work at lower jobs....
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