Medical Law and Bio Ethics

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Pros and Cons of using electronic medical records!
Just like any other record keeping, moving patients' records from paper and physical filing systems to computers and their super storage capabilities creates great efficiencies for patients and their providers, as well as health payment systems. Example: The tragic events like 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, and the California fires have showcased the benefits of electronic record keeping. Those injured or made sick by any of those events were more easily treated and may have found better outcomes than those for whom no medical records were available. Large scale EMR (Emergency Medical Record) systems replicate their stored records in several places across the country so that one tragic event won't destroy them.

Lack of Quality Patient Time: When doctors, nurses, and administrative staff are unfamiliar with the technology and how a new system works, they often spend more time on it. Or, they may be uncomfortable using it so it will take them longer to execute a task. All this lost time could be potentially spent servicing patients or tending to other mission critical matters.

Yes I feel that the use of electronic medical records detracts from the personal nature of the relationship a patient has with a physician! For me I personally like being looked at when I am speaking to someone. When the physician is busy typing and has his nose in the computer and typing away to me it’s rude and very distracting. I like the good old fashioned way, where the nurse wrights down the patient’s information and then if the doctor’s office uses the electronic record they can input data after the patient has been seen. That way there is no loss of doctor patient relationship.
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