Media in the Changing World

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Media in the Changing World
Media Literacy
* The ability to understand and make productive use of media. * It involves understanding the effect of media can have on a person and society. * It is the difference between being victimized by and being in control of media’s influence. Related Perspectives to Media Literacy

* Media Criticism
* The analysis used to assess the effects of media on individuals, on societies and on cultures. * It may not always be negative but must be based on well-reasoned argument. * Stakeholders are consumers & parents or would-be parents. Importance of Media Criticism

* It makes one a careful consumer of media messages.
* It makes one think how various media influence society and how media messages can influence self image. * It teaches how to examine the relationships among media history, current industry practices, controversies, as well as how law & ethics relate to the impact of media. * Career Preparation

* Part of media literacy is learning how to use media. * There are many careers in the media spotlight – such as journalism, film production, book editing, advertising, web site creation. * Other related fields include public relations, business management, religious vocations Critic vs Practitioner

* Different approaches to the study of media – criticism & career preparation - lead to different ways of looking at media issues. * Practitioners would often see media criticism as unduly harsh and unrealistic. * Media critics, on the other hand, would find the bottom-line approach of media professionals as simplistic & detrimental to society. Levels of Existence

* Local (e.g small town newspaper)
* Regional (e.g. radio station groups)
* National (e.g. broadcast television networks)
* Global ( the key to understanding today’s media business. US Dominance of World Media
* The US is a net exporter of mass media products such as: * advertisements
* Television programs
* Movies
* Music
* Books
* Magazines
* It sends out far more media materials to other countries than it imports. Reasons of US Dominance
* The English language is the second most used language in the world. * Freedom of expression has worldwide appeal.
* Audience diversity
* Big business’s ability to produce big-budget popular entertainment Cultural Imperialism
* Many countries accuse the US of cultural imperialism - the displacement of traditional culture with American culture. * Although America is nearly universally admired for its advancement in technology and entertainment industry, the spread of US ideas and customs is disliked by majorities. * Americans are often viewed by other countries as materialistic, sexually immoral, and often criminal people who seek to dominate other cultures. Influence of Foreign Media in the US

* The globalization of media businesses allowed foreign investors to purchase a portion of American * Examples:
* American Idol , The Office & Dancing with the Stars(British influence) * Sony Corporation took over Columbia Pictures & CBS Records Reasons for Corporate Media Growth
* Economies of Scale of Increase Profits
* The savings that come with mass production
* When large units are produced, each unit costs less. * Media takeovers and mergers are often accompanied by acquisition of established customers & massive layoffs of employees * Synergy lets pay work together

* Synergy in Greek means to work together.
* It refers to any combination of forces that results in a whole that is more than the sum of its parts. * Another form of synergy results when selling the product in one form promotes sales of the product in some other form, a process sometimes called cross-merchandizing Levels of Existence

* Global competition favors larger companies...
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