Medel and His Discoveries

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Chapter 9 HW
Patterns of Inheritance

Part I: Mendel and His Discoveries
Answer each of the following questions and include at least one website for each question that pertains to the question.

1. Stands of aspen trees often are a series of genetically identical individuals, with each succeeding tree growing from the wavered shoot of another tree. Using what you’ve learned of genetics I this chapter, would you expect one aspen tree in a stand to differ greatly from another in its phenotype? Would you expect each to look exactly like the next in terms of phenotype? Why or why not?

When discussing phenotypes, we are looking at the physical characteristics of the trees. Several variables could have an effect on the development of each aspen tree stand, causing them to have different characteristics. Because aspens thrive in sunny areas, those that grow in a brighter area could likely be taller and have healthier foliage than stands growing in shady areas. The overall appearance can also be affected by the quality and nutrition of the soil in which they are planted. Aspen stands in California often thrive in areas that have been ravaged by forest fires that leave behind enriched soil and clear away any obstruction to sunlight. Aspen trees have the ability grow and proliferate from the root systems of other aspens, causing them to be a series of genetically identical individuals. Stands with extremely mature root systems and taller trees tend to have difficulty in water distribution, which has an adverse effect on the thickness of their leaves. Comparison between trees in younger stands would not be the same as in older stands. We must also consider the health of the seed in which the stand was started from. If the initial aspen seed of a stand were somehow damaged, we...
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