Med Surg Study Guide for Ch 51 and 52

Topics: Menstrual cycle, Menopause, Pregnancy Pages: 3 (679 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Ch 51 Nursing Assessment: Reproductive System (approx. 3 questions)

Key Terms:
Amenorrhea- absence of menstruation. Women who engage in excessive exercise may experience this. Clitoris- is erectile tissue that becomes engorged during sexual excitation. It lies anterior to the urethral meatus and the vaginal orifice and is usually covered by the prepuce. Clitoral stimulation is an important part of sexual activity for many women. Ductus deferens- (also known as the vas deferens) is continuous with the epididymis within the scrotal sac. It travels upward through the scrotum and continues through the inguinal ring into the abdominal cavity. The spermatic cord is composed of a connective tissue sheath that encloses the ductus deferens, arteries, veins, nerves, and lymph vessels as it ascends up through the inguinal canal. In the abdominal cavity, the ductus deferens travels up, over, and behind the bladder. Posterior to the bladder the ductus deferens joins the seminal vesicle to form the ejaculatory duct Dyspareunia- painful intercourse. Can be particularly problematic for a woman and strain her relationship with partner. Epididymis- inflammation of epididymis which if often due to infectious process (sexually or nonsexually), trauma, or urinary reflux down the vas deferens. Could cause signs of localized swelling with tenderness, unilateral or bilateral presentation. Antibiotics is important for both partners if the transmission is through sexual contact. Encouraged to refrain from sex, but if so, use condoms. Conservative treatment consists of bed rest with elevation of the scrotum, use of ice packs, and analgesics. Ambulation places the scrotum in a dependent position and increases pain. Most tenderness subsides within 1 week, although swelling may last for weeks or months. Gonads- primary reproductive organs. The female gonads are the ovaries; the male gonads are the testes. The primary responsibility of the gonads is secretion of hormones and production...
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