Me Thinks This Heart Analysis

Topics: Avicenna, Life, Sun Pages: 1 (307 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Naftali Burakovsky
AP Lit 3B
“Me Thinks This Heart…”
“Me Thinks This Heart…” by Emily Jane Bonte is a poem of lost hope of a woman who knows her life will pass in anguish. The opening quatrain paints a very depressing image of Bonte’s life starting with the opening line “me thinks this heart should rest awhile,” making it clear that she does not have hope for her future. She then goes on to convey nature’s cruelty, saying “the veiled sun sheds no parting smile.” The image of nature is prominent throughout the poem, and Bonte uses it to create a sense desolation in her life. She talks about how she “sat lonely all day, watching” the trees, the sun, the valley, and the sad flowers. Bonte uses words convey the theme of lost hope. She describes the lives of the flowers as ones that pass in “gloomy woe” and she describes her future as “cold.” Bonte’s diction is designed to instill melancholy. Emily Jane Bonte uses the image of nature and the flowers to create a metaphor about her own life. Just like the flowers that “were formed to feel the breeze/Wave their light leaves in summer’s glow,” Bonte feels that her life was meant for something more than what it is. Emily Jane Bonte’s life was consumed by grief since she was a young girl. Her mother and three of her sisters died when she was a girl, she went to a school where she was abused, and her father locked her in a room where she had to remain silent every day. She experienced much pain and died at the age of 30. And again, like the flowers whose “lives passed in gloomy woe/And hopeless comes its dark decline,” Emily Jane Bonte knows she faces a similar fate.
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