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  • Published : March 28, 2013
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Study Questions: Through the Tunnel

COMPREHENSION (10 points; 1 point each)
On the line provided, write the letter of the best answer to each of the following items. _______ 1. Jerry’s mother allows him to go to the beach by the wild bay because she— A would like some time to herself

B does not realize how dangerous it is
C wants him to make friends with the boys playing there D does not want to be overly protective

_______ 2. Jerry is especially fascinated by the local boys at the wild bay because they — F speak a language Jerry doesn’t understand
G are older and stronger than he is
H dive from a rock and swim through an underwater tunnel J climb through a tunnel to reach a high rock from which they dive

______ 3. When Jerry masks his shame at not having found the tunnel because he was clowning around, the other boys —
A laugh at his antics
B frown like his mother
C speak English to him
D smile and wave at him

_______ 4. Which statement best describes Jerry’s attitude toward going through the tunnel? F He feels the tunnel is more than he can handle at his age. G He’s frightened but determined to go through it.

H The tunnel has little meaning but poses some interest to him. J He has no fears about getting through the tunnel.

______ 5. As soon as the local boys leave the wild bay, Jerry doesn’t go through the tunnel mainly because — A his mother made him promise not to overdo anything
B Jerry doesn’t know where the tunnel is located
C Jerry can’t hold his breath long enough
D without goggles, Jerry can’t see underwater

______ 6. The event that forces Jerry to decide that he will make his attempt to go through the tunnel occurs —
F after he watches the local boys go through the tunnel for a second...
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