Topics: Operating system, Microsoft Windows, Windows NT Pages: 1 (365 words) Published: March 8, 2013
MDCM (Summary)
Networking: This project involves the use of internet and networking resources available to enable the sharing of information. Computing hardware and software: The company uses different hardware platform systems including AIX, UNIX, Windows NT, windows 2000, adoption of a standardized operating system will help reduce both support costs and maintenance costs. This will enable the company gain competitive advantage. The different computing hardware will be used depending on the application of the users; however hardware that runs many varieties of operating systems is more appropriate. Existing hardware will also be used and additional hardware purchased to upgrade based on the needs of users, a standard operating software example Microsoft windows will be adopted in order to enable networking and communication in the organization.   Data warehouse: Storage of data is an important procedure and a standardized data base should be established, a networked storage system should also be established in order to enable ease retrieval and storage of data. Storage of information will aid in decision making and also adoption of software that aid in decision making will help the company gain competitive advantage.  Messaging system: A standard messaging system should be established such as POP3 and this is appropriate given that subsidiaries use out-dated and differentiated messaging systems. The messaging system will help improve communication within the organization and with customers and suppliers. This will improve efficiency of consumer service delivery. Website: A website is also appropriate in that it will add value to the products, enquiries and orders can be placed online and this will reduce transaction costs, the website should also include a list of products available and also should contain more information about the company. This website will encourage consumer self-service where consumers can visit the website, order products and pay...
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