Mcom 100

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Independent bookstores are closing, leaving only "super bookstores" such as Barnes & Noble and Borders to sell the nations reading material. Although these stores have newer and a wider variety of reading material, reality is that these "super bookstores", are not too far from closing the doors themselves. The rise of digital technology is redefining the "Art of Reading".

With the constant changes occurring in our economy and education system. Education is not as important as it once was when I was growing up. People are now just reading magazines,internet, online news and social media to get there day to day information because its faster and more efficient . Schools once had reading programs that use to exist back when I was in school from the first moments i walked the hallways until I graduated high school reading books, writing book reports, and essays. Now as my siblings are going through school, it is apparent that the curriculum in early 90's, is drastically different due to budget cuts and teachers being layed off. My free time when growing up revolved around a variety of reading programs, but if you were you take a closer look you would see the majority of the children are either playing on there phones, computers, and or video games.

I can only speak for myself and what I see, there is not that demand for books, when we are consumed with the easy way out by using technology. Not keeping in mind that when we are forced to read for pleasure it keeps our brains thinking and allows us to better articulate our words and most of all be creative. A prime example would be instead of purchasing this semesters text books with the total cost of 300.00 and opting out to use the EBook option where purchasing these text books cost about half of that, is more cost effective for the every day consumer/student.

We need to reflect on how our children are really being educated, and create that adventurous and mysterious aspect of reading a book.
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