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According to the passage, what is Zevs’s well-known graffiti style? What does the Chanel logo represent? Why does Zevs want to ‘liquidate’ it?

Zevs’s well-known style is to liquidate famous logos by pouring paint over them, making the logos look as if they are melting. The Chanel logo represents the high-class, expensive, capitalist culture which promotes conspicuous consumption and worships famous international designer ‘brands’. By liquidating (melting) the Chanel logo, Zevs expresses his criticism towards such a ‘logo-maniac’/’money-oriented’ culture.

1. Why is the Chanel logo drawn on the wall of an ‘A-grade office building’ where no Chanel store can be found? Why is he arrested? What kind of harm has he done?

The graffiti is drawn on the wall of an ‘A-grade office building’ deliberately so that people, especially those ‘privileged’ groups who work/shop in the area, will see his message. As the message is not targeted at Chanel only, it does not matter whether there is a Chanel shop or not. The police arrested him on grounds of vandalism – graffiti are often seen as threats that damage private property. To prevent graffiti painters from turning private space into their own use (message to public), graffiti painter are made punishable by law.

2. In the seventh paragraph, Mr Dominique Perregaux, who owns the Art Statements Gallery, said he did not understand why the police had arrested Zevs. Explain his views and point out the controversy regarding how graffiti is understood in society.

As the owner of Art Statements Gallery, Mr Perregaux may represent the view of the ‘art world’ towards graffiti – they consider graffiti an art form, not crime. In the art world, graffiti painting is a creative act and such works by internationally famous artists (like Zevs) can be seen as valuable, collectable and sellable commodities. The controversy regarding graffiti refers to the opposite view that some people view...
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