Mcdonalds Global Perspective

Topics: Strategy, Organization, Strategic management Pages: 3 (908 words) Published: November 20, 2012
McDonald’s Implementation of Current Strategic Plan

Synopsis: This is a two page APA citation style essay on Management at McDonald’s. There are eleven sources cited in this essay. The historical thinker whose successes will be correlated to McDonald’s strategic plan is Alexander the Great.The elements involved in organizational strategic planning will be explored. Introduction

The strategic plan of McDonald’s has gained worldwide success over the past seventy years of its existence. (McDonald’s, 2012). Mcdonald’s is a worldwide brand which has achieved global recognition of it’s brand and products. McDonald’s began as McDonald’s Bar- B-Q Restaurant in San Bernardino, CA in 1940. Today McDonald’s is a premier global restaurant brand with 330,000 franchises. The McDonald’s franchises attend to over 64,000,000 customers on a daily basis in over 118 countries (McDonald’s, 2012)Alexander the Great was a historical thinker who started with a small military force of only 40,000 men and ruled over an empire which extended from the Mediterranean to China. Alexander the Great accomplished this by the application of transactional, transformational and laissez faire leadership (Kilfoil, n.d; Eagley et al., 2003). Effectively Implementing a Current Strategic Plan in an Organization Both Mcdonald’s and Alexander the Great have gained their successes by application of seven identifiable leadership endeavors which are components of strategic leadership. These components with regards to efficient strategy implementation are: ● Researching a plan of action. ● Formulating a plan of action. ● Ascertaining strategic orientation including leadership roles. ● Setting equitable organizational limits. ● Efficiently administration of the organizational assets, revenues and liabilities. ● Maintenance of an organizational perspective. ● Promotion of organizational values and ethics (Joomla & Fourie, 2009). These are components of McDonald’s organizational administration (McDonald’s,...
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