Mba in Finance (Internship Project )

Topics: Insurance, Investment, Life insurance Pages: 32 (7811 words) Published: November 19, 2011
A Summer Internship Project Report on

Comparative Analysis of ULIP and Traditional Plan of Company

Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Finance)


(Roll No._B-26)

A Study Conducted for Future Generali India Life Insurance Company Limited



The summer training in Future Generali Life Insurance was truly a remarkable experience. The experience gained during 8 weeks of training period have been quite enriching and the intensive corporate exposure would prove beneficial in the long run as well as in the outset of planning, building and shaping my career in the future. This is an original work done by me with the help of different person those who directly or indirectly contributed in successful completion of my project.

At the one set I would like to thank the management of Future Generali Life Insurance for giving me the opportunity to carry out my project work in their organization. I am thankful to there valuable guidance, continuous support and invaluable motivational push by not only providing me the project but also for other corporate lessons. I feel extremely privileged to express my deep sense of reverence and indebtedness towards my project guithe end I would like to extend my thanks to all the persons those who directly or indirectly contributed in successful completion of my project.

Executive Summary:

The project aims at comparative analysis of traditional & unit linked investment plans. The aim of the project to analyse insurance as an investment option/avenue and to calculate the risk and return profile of ULIP & traditional plans. The project has a detailed study of insurance plans offered by Future Generali. Made a comparative analysis of the Future Generali life insurance plans compared them with other major players mainly with LIC. To make a comparison between the performances of traditional plans with that of unit linked investment plans (ULIP). The project aims to help understand the consumer behavior towards various financial services of insurance like traditional and ULIPs. The report enhances the knowledge on different insurance plans. The analysis of the project based on the exploratory research. The data used in the research were taken from secondary sources like company website, Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority’s website and different data taken from the company personnel. The analysis was based on different analysis tools:

Treynor ratio,
Sharpe ratio,
Standard deviation
The report has some focus on the insurance industry like size of the industry, different players in the industry, different milestone of the Indian insurance industry since inception etc. The report focused on the different features of the insurance plans like traditional plan have different features as compare to ULIPs and the selection of the insurance plan depends on the individual and his ability of risk taking and the returns depend on the duration for which the amount is invested both the plans are good in long run.

Table of Content:

S.No.Title of ContentPage No.
2Industry & Company Profile10
3Literature Review/Theoretical background17
5Research Methodology28
6Data Analysis and Data Interpretation33
8Limitation of The Project41

List of tables:-

Table No.Title of TablePage No.
1Different Players in Life Insurance12
2Key Financial Figures of Generali15
3Solvency Ration of Different Life Insurer24
4Fund Option Available in ULIP25
5Research Methodology28
6Comparison Between Future Anand and Jeevan Anand34
7Fund Option in Future Sanjeevani35
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